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Webhook Tracking Message

Retrieve new status of messages from WhatsApp, so every time a new status of message is sent, we will forward it to this URL. The webhooks URL can be set on menu: Device – setting – webhook tracking.

Make sure you have a domain that can be accessed publicly as namadomain.com, then place the webhook file in the folder, so that later your webhook URL isĀ https://yourdomain.com/tracking.php
The following is the data that will be sent to your webhook URL:


 * all data POST sent from http://app.absen.co.id
 * you must create URL what can receive POST data
 * we will sent data like this: 
 * id = message ID - string
 * phone = phone number
 * status = status of message - string
 * device_id = device ID - string

Body Response:
idstringMessage ID like random string
phonestringTelephone number of the recipient of the message
statusstringsent, read, cancel, received, reject, pending
device_idstringID your device